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7 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Your Social Life EASY

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By ViraLivo - October 29, 2019

Every girl would like to have everything in its place, always available and easy to use. The problem is that the girls do not manage so easily in all situations, and often happens to lose too much time to solve a simple problem. Here are some excellent life hacks, which could be useful very much in life and that could ease some everyday actions.

Make curls with a hair straightener

Have a flat iron, but not a curling iron. How do we do then? There are ways to make some waves, yes, but not perfect curls. This trick is quite easy, and there are many tutorials on the Internet that you can follow.
The process is straightforward: take a lock of your hair and roll up. Then cover it and secure it with aluminum foil, and then keep tight iron for a few seconds. The result is spectacular, as you’ll see.

For skin burns

If you are one of those girls who usually burn easily, we recommend this trick that is as simple as cheap. Take an ice bucket you no longer use, and fill it with aloe vera, either in cream or natural liquid as you prefer.
So when you burn, put the ice cubes on the burn, and you will immediately relieve pain, and ice cool effect will make you desensitize something else, and not suffer so much.

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