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Horror and chases Movie "122" will be the first Arabic movie in history that is exposed by the 4DX technology.
What is the meaning of this ? 
I mean while you are sitting in it a battle scene or action youll find the chair mysterious violently even if you have a Pepsi in your hand most likely you will see all the ones in front of you Like in Dream Park... If there is an external scene youll find wind coming on you If there is a scene with some water or someone killed anyone you will find water to be sprayed like blood... And if someone cook in the movie or smell a reply it will smell a certain smell with the movie Like you live the movie... 
And this will be the first Arabic Egyptian film to serve the dedication and also from the few world horror movies that used this technology.
Release date : The movie will be on Eid Aladha in Egypt and the Arab World and USA .

Summary :

On a bloody night in a place where we are supposed to feel safe, a young man and his beloved are struggling not to reach the hospital, but to run away from it. They are trying to survive the night.

Director : Yassir Al Yassiri
Writer : Salah El Gehiny
Stars : Ahmed Dawood
           Ahmed El Fishawi
           Tara Emad
           Mohammed Mamdouh
Officiel Siteelcinema
Country : Egypt

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